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There is a common saying that ‘’One man’s meat is another man’s poison.’’

This explains why some men prefer to marry very fat women; others prefer short women, while others go for the ugly ones. These men have various reasons for the choices they make. Some of such reasons might not go well for some other people who may choose such reasoning as crazy.

There is an underlying reason why these men make such unpopular choices which will soon be revealed here in this article as you read along. However, one thing that drives all such men in the various choices they make is LOVE. It is common knowledge that there are men who do not have this love in the ladies they choose to marry. Such men are driven by material benefits derivable from marrying such ladies.

Some people sometimes wonder why some men are attracted to very ugly women and beg them for marriage. Some are also attracted to very short women while others prefer very fat ones to slim ladies. There is a secret behind such attractions which you will soon find out. Most very short men like to marry women who are much taller than themselves. The reason for this is not far-fetched and is everyone’s guess. They are obviously trying to avoid giving birth to children as short as themselves, and so to ensure that their children are of average height, they go for vey tall ladies.

When a deaf and dumb man marries another deaf and dumb woman, (and this is very common) it is commonly believed that they do so because the chances of their getting a normal person to love them to the extent of accepting to marry them can be said to be very slim. But cases of normal persons getting married to a deaf and dumb person or other seriously handicapped person also abound. Love really flows in all directions. Cases also abound of daughters of very rich parents falling deeply in love with a very poor person and vehemently resist all efforts by both parents and friends to drop such interests.

The secret behind all such bizarre entanglements in amoral relationships is what we are going to see now. Nothing can be more true than the statement that LOVE IS BLIND. The question on most minds should be this: WHY IS LOVE BLIND AND WHO MADE IT BLIND?

The simple answer is that God made love blind. And why did He choose to make it blind? It is because God is LOVE and He is also full of compassion, just as He is full of love. He is also full of wisdom and power and the Creator of all things that exist both on this earth and in  the entire Universe and He loves and care for everyone and everything He has created.

One author explains that God is complete in Himself and needs nothing from us, and that in fact all good things we have come from Him. But there is one thing He expects from us in order to give Him the opportunity to do what He love very much. That one thing is to have us praise and thank Him and give Him glory. When we do this, we create an avenue and give Him the opportunity to enrich with His graces and blessings to make us happy because of that deep love He has for us. This author explains that this is why God has created some people to be ugly while making others beautiful, and created some people to have some abnormalities, while creating others normal. His motive is to make those who are beautiful or normal see those who are ugly or abnormal or have one deficiency or the other to see those who are not like them and who have these deficiencies to now see reason to give praise and thanksgiving to God for the way He has created. By doing so, they now attract His blessings for themselves for their well being and happiness. On the other hand those who are ugly and disadvantaged in one form or another also have opportunity to see those who are beautiful and normal and give God praise and glory for the beautiful and marvellous persons and this He has made.

Because everything God created is good and for a purpose and because He loves all He has created, He plans for their happiness and pleasure by planting an irresistible love in the heart of a beautiful or normal person towards that ugly and disadvantaged person, and people keep wondering and asking questions like this: ‘’ what has this man seen in this type of woman to even desire to take her as a wife, or what has this woman seen in this handicapped man to desire to marry him. The simple answer is: IT IS THE LORD’S DOING AND IT IS MARVELOUS IN OUR EYES’’


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