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             Yes, you heard me right: There is a husband out there for every woman. Never look at yourself and lose hope in yourself, saying : I am not created attractive, or I am no longer attractive for a man to desire to have me as a wife. Don’t tell me that you have not heard of or seen crippled women, blind women, very ugly women, and dwarfs, all getting married. There are several stories and pictures of such all over the place. Do not think that men love only beautiful women.

Here is the Big Secret: God is not a wicked person. He is not a plan- less   creator. On the contrary, God is full of love, wisdom and kindness. He is full of knowledge and power. He is infinite in everything and He is the Creator of all things that exist, not only on earth, but in the entire universe.

The Bible says that everything God created is good; and everything is for a purpose, and all are for His own glory. When God sets out to create any person the way He desires the person to be, He does not just abandon the person leaving him or her wretched in life, rejected and disliked by all. No, everything He created is good and loved by Him. He also puts the love of that person, and of all persons in that group or category in the hearts of some other persons too. So if God created you to be ugly, very short, crippled, blind, with big head , big nose, big eyes, hairy body , or whatever shape, form or deficiency you can think of, He also goes ahead to create other people , both men and women and puts into them the love and desire for such people. Do not blame such people when you encounter them. Don’t join those who ask questions like: What does this man see in this woman that makes him love her like this, even to the extent of going to marry her? Or ask: What  does this woman see in this man that makes her accept to marry such a man? Does she know what she will suffer in life getting married to such a person? The simple answer and the big secret is that IT IS THE LORD’S DOING. And no man can do anything about it.

The truth is that there are some men who deeply love and are turned on by women who are short, women who are tall, women who are fat, and women who are slim. I can go on and on. The bottom line is that before God created you the way you are, just know that He who is full of compassion and love, and who has adopted all of us as His beloved children, has also made available, men whom He has created and put into them the desire to love and desire women who look like you. There are also some men that He has made to prefer ugly ladies to very beautiful ones. Some very beautiful young ladies have had this experience in their lives. They get surprised that they have made some advances to some men they desire, only to be rebuffed by such men. There are some dark skinned men that also prefer fellow dark skinned ladies to white ladies or fair skinned ladies.

Some men dislike women simply because they are celebrities and famous, while other love and cherish such ladies. Even wealth suffer the same discrimination. For some reasons, while wealth is attractive to many, there are some women who are not attracted to riches. They fear that wealth makes men unfaithful husbands because many ladies go after them and they find it difficult to resist them and restrict themselves to their wives only.

Similar aberrations are noticed in men. There are some men who cannot go for women who are richer than they are, while others are attracted by such rich ladies whom they see as buffer for the family expenses. 

One common attraction men have for all women is  good character. Men like to get married to women who are humble, obedient, caring and industrious. No man likes a   lazy woman who just sits there unable to do anything. They feel that such lazy women will end up not being able keep the home neat and in order. No man likes a woman who will challenge his authority in the home as the head of the family. They prefer women who will obey their instructions and not always putting up arguments, or trying to show their husbands that they are superior or more intelligent than they are. They prefer women who will always recognize them as the master of the house even if they are richer or more educated than their husbands. This is what brings peace, harmony and happiness in every home.

Men also like women who can cook delicious meals. This is always a good attraction for men. If a hard working man works hard and makes all the money, but comes home to be served with a meal that is not good enough, of what use is all the money. Number one value of money is the food you eat and be happy. No man feels happy to know that the food waiting for him to eat when he comes home is not as delicious as he would want his food to be. He cannot spend his entire life eating in hotels because his wife is not good at preparing good meals. So a woman who does not know how to cook good food is a no go area for many men even if the woman is very beautiful.