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From this website we entertain you with our Unique Books, many of which contain verifiable facts not found in other books; and some of which are so amazing that readers find themselves suddenly popping their eyes as they read along. We strongly believe that you will be glad to learn from some of these books, things that you have never heard of, nor ever imagined that existed, or ever thought was possible. These books cover SUSPENSE, MYSTERY, HOW-TO, EDUCATION, and SPIRITUALITY. Take a look at their covers and just read through the short Description/Synopsis attached to each of these books below and see what we mean.

No.1 book, titled: VISITORS FROM PURGATORY has been packaged to so indubitably convince everyone, without any more doubt, and no more questions to ask, (including atheists who don’t believe in God) that truly there exists a place called Heaven, and another called Hell and a third-place known as Purgatory where God, in His great Mercy sends all those who have tried to merit heaven but just fell short of the requirements, but not bad enough to be sent to hell. Here they receive some cleansing or purging through fire and other tortures (but not as painful as the ones that take place in Hell), to expiate or pay for their faults or sins and thereafter become fit to enter Heaven, since no sin goes unpunished and nothing unclean can ever enter heaven, as stated in the holy book called the Bible.

The Holy books reveal that God created all of us in His Image and Likeness. God is a Spirit and not a human being. So we are all spirits; and like God, spirits never die but live forever. Our human bodies are mere garments from dust that God used to cover our spirits when we were being formed in the wombs of our mothers. So, when people say we have died, we have simply dropped our garments and moved on to be judged by God and sent to where we merit, according to how we have lived our lives:- Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory if we are not too bad for Hell, and not good enough for Heaven.( A thorough description of Purgatory and Hell are contained in the book: VISITORS FROM PURGATORY found here.) Our loved ones then carry this heavy garment and bury it in the grave. We look at what they are doing and sometimes laugh and wonder why they are weeping when we are still alive.

This book: VISITORS FROM PURGATORY, starts by letting the reader reason along and appreciate that He who is so Mighty that He is able to create a structure known as the Earth, which is so massive that with all its very high speed, an airplane takes almost a whole day to travel from one continent of this Earth to another. And this Creator goes ahead to create another structure known as the SUN and gave it a size or mass that is 1,300,000 (one million three hundred thousand) times the size of this very massive Earth. And so, such a very powerful Person who is the Creator of all things that exist, including all forms of pleasure and pleasure-giving things, like music, children, comfort, food and wines, et cetera, is capable of creating in Heaven as a reward for those persons found worthy to go there, such great sweetness and happiness, millions of times bigger than the greatest of such sweetness and pleasure that can be found on this planet; which is why even the happiest of kings and Presidents still desire to go there; especially as the only alternative is hell or purgatory and not continued existence on earth, since everyone’s life on earth must someday end. This book goes further to explain with proof that Nobody really dies after all, for all that happens is that people whom we say have died, have simply been transferred from this earth to another place, in accordance with what they have merited through the way they lived while on earth. They, the dead, discover in this their new place, that they are still able to see what is going on in the world; they are still able to hear, reason, and think, and able to feel pain, comfort, or discomfort, and can experience great pleasure beyond human imagination; as well as eat very delicious meals if they find themselves in heaven, while their bodies (garments) are still lying in their graves on earth.

Our Book No.2 titled: SECRET FACTS ABOUT VIRGIN MARY THE ROSARY…… reveals the simple and easy way to be among those to go to Heaven and escape Hell. The chapter on the 4-UNLESS which Jesus Christ, the Son of God talked about, reveals another sure avenue of achieving Heaven without much effort. These two books are so rich and interesting to read that you would be glad to discover them.


God is the originator and source of all good things that come to people; which includes prosperity, peace of mind, happiness, contentment, and more. It is what He permits that happens. This website dwells principally on how to appropriate all these successfully and turn our life in this world into a paradise that dwells in the interior of ourselves, despite what the world around us is experiencing. You will also discover things you never knew happened or existed and which discovery will surely gladden your heart. We have several books to sell, and seven of them contain one or more aspects of some valuable facts that many are not aware of but which can be verified to corroborate their authenticity. These books are called ”the  Unique books” because of these rare contents, some of which are jaw-dropping and very joyful to discover, and are not found in any other book written by any other author.


Did you know that the Blessed Virgin Mary has made over two thousand apparitions all over the world and that in only two of these apparitions, She arrived holding a book in Her hand. The first time was in the year 1208 at Toulouse, France; while the second was in 2017 at Idu Karmo Nigeria.

Did you know that the Book She came with at Idu Karmo is this book titled- VISITORS FROM PURGATORY- and it is one of the  Unique Books featured on this website. Did you also know that a new Scientific discovery known as THE OWL-LOOK is now used to treat Vent Cannibalism in Poultry Husbandry; as against the old method of de-beaking (cutting off the beaks) which has been causing untold economic losses to poultry farmers. Details of this are contained in one of the Unique Books titled-THE SECRET OF SUCCESS IN TROPICAL POULTRY HUSBANDRY, also featured on this website. And did you know of HEAVEN AND THE FOUR UNLESS OF JESUS CHRIST?

Here too, you will see Bible revelation of what God highly values and which has the power to make Him cancel any vow made to do something for Him, even if it is to convert millions of pagans; plus implications of God saying that He is A JEALOUS GOD AND TOLERATES NO RIVALS- (Exodus 20:5, Nahum 1:2)


It has been learned from the Bible that God’s ways are not our ways, but this is not in all things. There are certain ways of man that are also God’s ways. This is found in an aspect of the relationship between parents and their children. Just as parents have a deep love for their little children and love to provide their needs and delight in seeing them happy, and even go the extra mile to achieve this; so does God, after creating us in the wombs of our mothers, see us as His little children and love to see us happy and enjoy life to the full, as Jesus confirmed when He came to the world from Heaven and called us His” little ones” in Mark 9:42, Matt 10:42. And so, the person behind all unpleasant things that come to us in this world and who likes to see us unhappy and not enjoying this life is not God but the devil. This he does through persons and things he chooses to use to operate. As you read any of our four books on Spirituality, you will discover how to overcome him completely and put him under your feet, so that he can no longer have the power to block your ways to prosperity, happiness, and contentment, except in very rare cases where God in His Wisdom and love, has permitted such to happen; with His attendant rewards and blessings in the long run for those He chooses to subject to such pain or displeasure. The why, how, and when for such are contained and explained as you read our Unique Books that dwell on spiritual matters. Four out of our seven Unique Books dwell on Spirituality. We all know that when a parent beats or punishes a child, it is borne out of his or her love for that child, that it might learn to avoid something not considered good, or learn to do something that will lead to or enhance its well being and happiness. So it is with God our Father, who even had to not just allow His Son to be flogged but to be brutally tortured and killed to bring about great good to both Jesus and the world. And this is a Son He loves so much that He made Him equal to Himself in all things, whence, the name TRINITY.

Although God in His wisdom and love can deal, to some extent, with some of us as He dealt with Jesus Christ, it is important to note that it is only a very small fraction of His people that He allows to sometimes suffer and go through or experience such rough and painful pathways in life. A vast majority of people who have this deeper understanding of God and His ways (as mentioned at the beginning), enjoy this life to the full and have many good things come their way in life, including happiness, prosperity, and peace of mind. Our Unique Books explain how we can discover this secret and count ourselves among this vast majority of God’s children who are happy and joyful in this world, and who end up continuing with more happiness, peace, and comfort in their next life in God’s paradise. God does not enjoy seeing us suffer and be unhappy. He is our Father and He loves us very deeply. One of the very interesting and important titles found in the Table of Contents of one of these books ( Visitors from Purgatory) is one titled NOBODY REALLY DIES AFTER ALL….. All we do is a transfer from one place to the other because we all live forever; retaining all the six senses of man where ever we find ourselves. These six senses which essentially are the six senses of the Soul, include- the sense of vision, hearing, tasting, smelling, feeling, and reasoning. So, our loved ones who have died are indeed still seeing us, hearing what we say, feeling pain or in comfort, and able to experience the taste and smell of food or the horrible Hydrogen Sulfide odor of hell, if they have found themselves there. All these are fully explained and supported with indisputable and verifiable facts, with leads to assist anyone who might wish to investigate. And this is why you are invited to this website to discover, learn and derive pleasure, knowledge, and benefit. Find below on this website, all the  Unique Books and more.

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