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Men use various tactics to get young ladies they want to get intimate with. Some come with genuine intentions in their search for a woman to marry, while many others are only interested in having some fun with the ladies they catch and abandon them later. Unfortunately ,many young ladies are not able to tell the real suitors from fake ones. Men generally like to show these young ladies aspects of life which they know most ladies like to see in their men. They know that young ladies like to associate with men who are rich or are in positions that put them on the path to attract wealth to themselves in future, even if they are not yet rich. This is one of the most attractive qualities women look out for in men.

This article reveals some of the tricks some guys play in order to deceive young girls and give them false hope that they have found a potential husband of their dream.

Felix is a young man of whom one would say must be looking for a young lady to make a wife. He has finished his education and found himself a good job. He drives a beautiful car and lives in a well furnished apartment. However Felix is far from thinking of marriage because he is weighed down by family responsibilities which make it difficult for him to save enough money from his salary income. He is the first in a family of seven siblings. His parents are poor and live in the village and are peasant farmers. It was with great difficulty that they were able to train Felix until he was able to graduate from the Polytechnic. It has consequently fallen on Felix’s shoulders to train his younger siblings in school and this has made life very difficult for him. However, he likes ladies quite a lot and loves to get along with them. He is aware that what is uppermost in the minds of many young ladies is to get a man who would like to marry them. Many are ready to sacrifice anything , and go to any length to keep any such man should they find one that shows interest in that direction.

Here is one of the tactics of Felix: He stands at a street corner chatting with friends. He sees a beautiful young lady walking up, either alone or in company of some friends. The street is a busy one with several cars speeding  to and fro. The young lady now gets closer to where Felix is and a car just drives past and Felix shouts as he points his finger at the car that just passed, saying in a pretended show of anger. “Look at this fool! This is my mother’s driver who was asked to go to the Mall to pick some bottles of wine; for the wine bottles in the family bar in the house was getting almost empty. For the past two hours I have been waiting for him to come back, as my younger brother had gone out with my dad’s second car.’’ He spoke these words so loudly to make sure the lady being targeted heard every word of his. Next, he walks up to the young lady and pleads: ‘’Excuse me pretty girl!” As expected, the young lady turns and give him all the attention he needs. Who can reject such an advance from a young man from a very rich family where both mother and father own cars and live in a posh house with a family bar in the sitting room always stocked with wines of various types.

Next, he turns to the lady in an effort to explain his ‘anger’. “I just left my house to go to my parents’ house to pick up a car to visit a friend who needed to have some discussions with me, only to be told that the driver had gone out with my mum’s car to the Mall to pick up some items and would soon be back. I waited for more than one hour for the driver to come back but he was nowhere to be seen, only for him to just drive past now after over two hours. I had to leave the house to come here to see if I can pick up a taxi to go see my friend. Please pardon my out-burst.”For what follows after such introductory approach, your guess is as good as mine. And this is how Felix goes about deceiving young ladies, and very often before they discover his tricks and come to realize that he is fake, they must have found themselves crying their hearts out over the pregnancy they have found themselves battling to contend with.  This is why ladies are advised not to believe every sweet thing their boy friends tell them , for many of them are like the Felix of this article.


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