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The mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Anne, gave birth to a daughter called Mary (probably through an earlier marriage to a man who later died) before she married St. Joachim. She became barren for nineteen years before she gave birth to the Blessed Virgin Mary after much praying for a second child.

This Mary grew up and married a man called Cleophas and gave birth to a daughter whom they also named Mary (The Jews like to repeat names in the family- LUKE 1:61). This is why the Bible refers to Mary the wife of Cleophas as the sister of Mary in the following words: “Standing close to Jesus’ cross were his mother, his mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Cleophas, and Mary Magdalene”-John 19:25. Seeing the only Son of her younger sibling, the Virgin Mary, in such a terrible situation, Mary Cleophas had to stay close to her, consoling her all through that journey to Calvary.

This younger Mary Cleophas was the wife of a man called Alpheus with whom she gave birth to St. Jude Thaddeus, Joseph, St. Simon (zealot), and St. James the less. Alphaeus had married Mary Cleophas after the death of his first wife through whom St. Mathew was born. So Mathew was a stepbrother to these three apostles who with Jesus had the same woman (St. Anne) as their grandmother. It is common with the Jews as it is with the Ibos of Nigeria to refer to all these people as ‘brothers’ of Jesus as if Mary had other children (Mark6:3). And for the benefit of those who conclude that because the Bible calls James, Joseph, Simon, and Judas “the brothers of Jesus” Mary must be the mother of these men, let them note the following:-

Throughout the whole scriptures, there are only three men with the name JAMES.
One James is said to be the Son of Zebedee whose brother is John, (Mathew 10:2). The second James is said to be the son of Alphaeus (Matt.10:3). And the third James is the father of Judas, Acts 1:13. Zebedee’s wife is Mary Salome, and the wife of Alphaeus is Mary Cleophas. And everyone knows that Virgin Mary married St. Joseph and not Zebedee of Alphaeus. So how could she then be the mother of any of the three James, since the Bible has clearly told us the background of these three JAMES; or is there a fourth James anywhere in the Bible?
Furthermore, the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary which is the Gate through which Jesus our God passed to enter this world, was specially prepared and made holy for the use of the Holy of Holies Himself when He created her ‘Full of Grace’ (Luke 1:28), and so freed her from every sin, including the Original Sin of Adam and Eve (Immaculate Conception)

It is therefore unthinkable that God, who says He tolerates no rivals (Nahum 1:2-15.) did elevate and allow any human being to share this holy womb with Him. And He revealed and authenticated this fact in Ezekiel 44:2 where the Bible states: “This gate will stay closed and will never be opened. No human being is allowed to use it because I, the Lord God of Israel, have entered through it. It is to remain closed”. And so, that gate (the womb of Mary) remained closed and never gave birth to any other human being after Jesus the Lord God of Israel had entered through it to arrive into the world to redeem us.

In fact, to think or believe that any person shared the same womb with God and sucked the same breast with Him is like believing that someone can walk up to God’s throne in heaven and sit on it for a while, thus sharing the same throne with God; for Mary’s womb is the new “Ark of Covenant”, as she is rightly called by the Church in the ‘Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary’ prayer. Even here on earth, can anyone (no matter how close to him) ever go to sit on the official chair of the president of your country, even for one second? How then can anyone ever think or imagine that any created person can be elevated to the level of sharing this holy womb with our God, the Lord Jesus Christ.? Recall that for merely touching the Ark of the Covenant in an effort to save it from falling from the hands of those carrying the Ark, God instantly killed Uzzah: 2 Samuel 6:6-7; 1 Chronicle 13:9-10.

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