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In this book, you will see how Pope Francis handled the Eucharistic miracle in which the altar bread turned into fresh human flesh in 1996 when he was the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina and how New York got involved in this miracle.

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This is one of the 7 Unique Books, with some verifiable pieces of information not found in any other book. As you go through this, please feel free to ask  questions on anything you desire to know more about. The author would be too glad to respond and give you very satisfactory explanations and answers:   We wish to assure you that everything written in this book is very TRUE.

After God had created everything   in this world, He later in heaven decided to create the ROSARY and handed it over to the Blessed Virgin Mary and told Her to bring it down to the world for our use. Why and when did He take this decision? You will soon find out.

 And so it happened that on the 16th of July, 1208 AD, Mary descended from heaven with this First Rosary and handed it over to a Rev. Father living in France, by name Dominic, now a Saint; as she was directed to do. Why choose Dominic and not any other person? You will soon find out.

Again on the 13th of Oct, 1917 in the city of Fatima, Portugal, the Mother of Jesus appeared for the sixth time to three innocent children; holding in her hand, a very beautiful Rosary of golden color, also created in heaven; an event that was widely reported by the media including the O’Seculo and O’dia newspapers of Portugal. At this event, the Sun miraculously left the sky and started rushing down on the huge crowd which had gathered. It descended ,dancing about in a zig-zag manner and throwing colorful beams of light on the crowd, as it grew bigger than a football field.

This is one apparition which the then Presidents of America, Russia and UK:, Kennedy, Khrushchev and Macmillan so much believed in that they had to obey the message given to them which led to their meeting in Moscow on the 6th of Aug 1963 to sign the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT). Commenting on this, a German newspaper -Neues Europa, in its Monday 15th Oct, 1963 edition wrote: “THIS WAS IN FACT THE FIRST TIME IN RECENT HISTORY OF MANKIND THAT WHEN CONCLUDING A POLITICAL AGREEMENT OF WORLD IMPORTANCE, ESSENTIAL FACTORS ARISING FROM RELIGIOUS MATTERS WERE TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT”.

The questions being asked, for which you will soon possess their answers are: What made God decide to create the Rosary in heaven? Why do Catholics and even non-Catholics hang this weapon of prayer dangling in front of the windscreen of their motor vehicles? Why do Catholics often pray to Jesus through Mary? What is the correct way to pray this Rosary in order to reap its power and  benefits in full, and not waste efforts by praying it wrongly?

Read also the painful story that explains how God sees those Catholics who fail to go to Mass on Sundays to worship Him: a re-enactment of that sacrificial prayer of Jesus Christ at Calvary, that pleases Him far more than the prayers of all the angels and saints put together?

 Behold answers to these questions, as well as Bible revelation in the Book of Deuteronomy, Ezekiel and the New Testament that Jesus is the Only Child of Virgin Mary: plus the revelation of what the number “9” can do which when tried with other numbers; from one to billions or even trillions can never work; which may be why prayers said nine times (known as Novena Prayers) are very powerful; for 9 is mysteriously superior to every other number.

All these and more are contained in this Book titled- SECRET FACTS About Virgin Mary…; with Nihil Obstat of Rev. Msgr.(Dr.) Anthony Njoku. You will also discover from this book how and why the Rosary is an Easy and Sure road to heaven; and see the 3 Special names which Jesus called His Mother,(one is :”Pure Jewel of My Heaven”) plus what He said about those who insult or dishonor Her. And  you will also see how Pope Francis handled the Eucharistic miracle in which the altar bread turned into fresh human flesh in 1996 when He was the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina and how New York got involved in this miracle.

It will then not be a surprise to you that  Chidi Okeke had to send this Author an e-mail from Lagos, Nigeria stating as follows: “YOUR BOOK IS THE BEST BOOK I HAVE  EVER READ ON THE ROSARY. IT HAS MADE ME APPRECIATE THE ROSARY EVEN MORE, AND I AM NOW MOTIVATED TO SAY MY ROSARY MORE OFTEN. THANK YOU FOR SUCH A GREAT BOOK”. You will also see from the Bible the secret causes of Suffering, and the blessings that it often attracts; as well why nobody really dies after all, since THE DEAD SEE ,HEAR, FEEL AND EAT.

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  1. aaron

    Religion is part of every believer’s life. Believers live acknowledging that God is the greatest and that humans have a purpose. Dennis Chikata’s book enables the reader to understand the deeper meaning of religion, how God works, and the roles of Jesus and Mary. This book is an enlightening read, as I came to learn about facts I did not have knowledge prior to reading the book. I appreciate that the author had a clear introduction where he explained why he wrote the book. It gave me an insight into what I was about to read.
    We have all read about Virgin Mary in religious studies. In this book, the author goes a step further and explains why Mary is referred to as the most powerful Virgin, and why we pray to God through her. The Blessed Virgin Mary is an important figure in the Christian life. I loved the examples the author listed to truly explain that Mary is significant. Through her, God communicates with his people. The book talks about the incident where Mary appeared to the three children in Fatima; Lucia, Jacinta, and Francisca. This occurrence is one of the most famous apparitions of Mary in history. The author expounded on the importance of this occurrence, and how it changed the beliefs of many.
    The church is the most important institution for Christians. In this book, the author writes how the church helps in the growth of Christianity across the world. The Rosary is one of the instruments Catholics use to pray. Reading this book made me understand why the Rosary is a vital item in the life of Catholic believers. He also went ahead and mentioned that the Rosary is used by non-Catholics too. It is not strange to find both Catholics and non-Catholics hanging the rosary in front of the windscreen in cars. The rosary is a powerful tool, and the faith Christian have is what makes the prayer item important. The author also shared the correct way of praying the rosary, for anyone who had doubts.
    I love this book because Denis Chikata based everything he wrote about on facts and the bible. He also added a few events in history; like the moment when the then presidents John Kennedy, Nikita Khrushchev and former British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan believed that they had to follow the message given to them during the appearance of Mary to the Fatima kids in Portugal, that they had to meet in Russia on the 6th of Aug 1963 to sign the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT).
    Dennis Chikata’s book is easy to comprehend. The writer listed tons of information about the Virgin Mary, information that will help every reader understand Mary better. I love the arrangement of the book, as the author answered every pressing question Christians have. Reading this book will help you say your rosary more, pray daily, and strengthen your faith.

  2. BookWorm

    It’s interesting to note that in the Bible, we don’t really get to read a lot about the Virgin Mary and what happened throughout her life after the crucifixion of her son, Jesus. It seems this book goes over and beyond to ensure her role as Queen Mother. In “Secret Facts About Virgin Mary the Rosary Eternal Life: The Mysterious Power and Supremacy of ‘9’,” author Dennis Mary Chikata informs his readers some information about the Virgin Mary and what she does as a favor to all mankind. There are back stories provided to an understanding of the Virgin Mary’s part in sending your prayers to Jesus through her. It is said that she has, “the authority to give out such graces at her own time, can give them out in small or big quantities, and in a manner that pleases her, as this applies to all human beings on earth, including those who hate or dishonor her.”

    Believing that Mary had a purpose beyond just the sinless, human woman who carried and birthed Jesus Christ, only uncovers that everyone is given a job to fulfill. As Queen Mother, comes reason, empathy, nurturing and loving spirit who is able to be a middleman for mankind, is a positive perspective for all. Purgatory has also been mentioned, symbolizing an in-between, granting sinners an atonement period to appeal their damnation. This allows the Virgin Mary to represent you before the graces of Jesus in deciding your eternal fate. She too deserves honor for her participation in delivering God’s only Son. Respectfully agreeing to disagree, the efficient option for those still on the fence of adjusting prayer routes from Jesus to the Virgin Mary. Anyone who believes the Virgin Mary, like the Disciples, are all servants of God understands that everyone, including them, has to answer to God through Jesus. This book provides the ability to reconsider the possibilities for prayers that have yet been unanswered, in hopes that redirection may work in your favor.

    I accepted to read this book with an open mind, as my Christian beliefs are apparently different of our religious counterparts, Catholics. Unfortunately, we’re taught differently in terms of who should be the gatekeeper of our prayers. I’ve learned to understand that it would make sense to have the assistance of Virgin Mary to portray a sifter for prayers being delivered to Jesus to pass along to God. I personally believe there are no silly prayers and that everyone’s prayers would be answered according to God’s time, we just have to remain patient. I recommend others to consider this as an alternative step prior to sending their prayers if they choose and to keep an open mind while reading this book.

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    • admin

      Thank you for your comment on my website. You have not seen anything yet until you read through the opening message on the Home Page of this Website titled: HERE IS PROOF THAT ALL THE DEAD ARE STILL ALIVE SOMEWHERE AND THEY SEE AND HEAR ALL YOU SAY. At the end of this message, you will see beautiful covers and short Descriptions of our 7 Unique and amazing books. Just buy at least one of them from Amazon or Smashwords, and encounter the jaw-dropping wonders each of them contains. You will be glad you did.

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