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5.0 out of 5 stars Visitors from Purgatory
By Aaron on September 8, 2018

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When reading the first chapter, you don’t exactly get the impression that you will encounter bizarre stories later in the book. The author begins by talking about God, how he created us in his own image and how man is immortal. The author included bible scriptures that expounded on what he was talking about. I love how he made the introduction simple, talking about basic things we know of, but making it clear for the reader. If you grew up in a religious background or took up religion in school, you will definitely endorse the message the author had in his book.

When talking about God’s unlimited compassion and justice, the writer clearly stated how one can pay for their temporal punishment. He listed prayers, fasting, good deeds and showing love and mortification as ways of castigating self when you have done wrong. I love that the writer did not just list down the self-imposed punishments; he went ahead and explained how one can go about it. Dennis Mary Chikata thoroughly explained with examples how well to pay for your sins; without hurting self or being too lenient. His message is a great guide for religious folks who sometimes want to do right after sinning, but don’t know where to start.

Chapter 3 starts beautifully with the Fatima story. For starters, the story of the lady of Fatima happened in Portugal in 1917. Jacinta, Lucia, and Fransisco were the names of the children who encountered Virgin Mary in Fatima. The kids aged 7, 9 and 10 claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary on their way home. She told the kids to pray and urged everyone to repent. Mary appeared to the kids later in the year as she had promised, and some of the skeptics now believed. It was a great miracle. The author goes on to give other examples of visits to purgatory. One story I enjoyed reading was the St. Lidwina of Schiedam. The author excellently writes about Teresa Gesta, Saint Lutgarda and Simon, Peter Mile and many more.

The stories in the book are peculiar enough to scare you and perhaps question the universe. There are a lot of stories I had never heard of but thanks to this book, I know a little other-worldly and eerie happenings in history. As strange as some stories sound, the author ensured that the reader never finished the book hanging. Every scenario has an explanation. Some sightings are explained by science, but the writer gave a different angle to all these stories. The appearance of a second moon on 25th January 1998 is one of the many things that puzzled me. Aurora borealis is the name scientists gave the moon. This book gives an explanation as to why this happened.

Dennis Mary Chikata sure took time to research the crazy happening s in this world. It is not every day that you come across a book that has well-written uncommon stories. “Visitors From Purgatory” is an amazing book especially since it gives clear-cut explanations to all the mind-boggling sightings. Nature can be eccentric sometimes; this book explains why and how.

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