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Dennis Mary Chikata is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and a Poultry Husbandry Expert who takes pleasure in writing books on a variety of topics.

His Alma Mater, The University of Nigeria, Nsukka, graduates students and awards degrees to those considered worthy in CHARACTER AND LEARNING. Prizes are awarded to the overall BEST Graduating Student in Learning or Academics AND overall BEST Graduating student in Character, called the NUPEMCO AWARD. The Nupemco Award for 1977 went to this Author- Dennis Chikata – who was adjudged to be the Overall Best Student in Character (the Gentleman of the Year).


One of his books (a fiction)  titled-CONQUEST OF THE TUNNEL  OF NO RETURN, was among the books in the Amazon’s 2017 Storyteller contest .

The Catholic Archbishop of Owerri, Nigeria , Most Rev. Dr. A.J.V. Obinna, after reading  one of his books  on Disobedience, publicly praised him during a Sunday Mass at  Maria Assumpta Cathedral, Owerri, and pleaded with all present that anyone who knew Dr. Chikata should thank him for writing such a fantastic book which he said that he found very interesting to read.

The Archbishop later directed the Administrator of the Cathedral, Rev. Fr. Andrew Nkwocha, to contact this Author and obtain more copies of the book  to enable  him give them out  to his fellow Bishops in Nigeria to read and discover its very rich contents.

On another of his books on the Rosary, Chidi Okeke sent him  an e-mail from Lagos , Nigeria, stating as follows:  “Your book is the best book I have ever read on the Rosary. It has motivated me to say my Rosary more often. Thank you for such a great book”

He has also written a book on Poultry titled : THE SECRET OF SUCCESS IN TROPICAL POULTRY HUSBANDRY.

He is the Author of that book on Purgatory that the Blessed Virgin Mary, the  Mother of Jesus Christ, was reported to be holding in Her hand when She appeared at Idu Karmo, Nigeria on the 25th of March 2017 (Feast Day of the Annunciation of our Lord) and directed that all should look for this book to read , and that She feels very sad that many people are dying and going to Purgatory and Hell. Those who heard about this apparition and bothered to investigate, found out that everything  happened as was reported. This is the second time in history that  the Blessed Virgin appeared with a book in Her hand. The first was in July 1208 AD at Tolluisse, France.

Rev. Fr. Chijioke Majella of St. Theresa’s Parish, Abuja has since taken charge of activities at the apparition site which has become a holy Pilgrimage centre where prayers of the Rosary goes on frequently under the supervision of this priest.

Dr. Chikata  is married to Roseline, who holds a doctorate degree in Education  Management and Planning ,and they are blessed with six  brilliant children.

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