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God created man in his own image; so goes the Bible saying. (Gen. 1 :26). It is not the human image we see in the mirror that God created in His own Image. No! it is the spiritual image of our souls that resembles the image of God. In other words, we resemble God in our souls and not in our human bodies, for God is not a human being, but a spirit, and is invisible just like our own souls are invisible to the human eye.

The Real you:

The real person that we are is our soul. Our bodies are merely clothes that the souls put on when they are sent down here on their various assignments. They are formed from the dust of the earth. Although we refer to our bodies as being made of flesh and bones, but dust is essentially the basic raw material which God used in forming these flesh and bones, and to dust they ultimately return at the end of time. Precisely speaking therefore, each person you see on the street wears two types of cloths:- the inner cloth made of dust, which we call our bodies, and the outer cloth made of cotton, wool or other material which we remove and put on when we like. Whereas one can wear and remove this outer clothing as many times as one chooses, the inner clothing can only be worn twice and removed once.                              

The first time we wear our body is at conception in the womb.

The second time we wear it is on the resurrection day, when all bodies shall reform, and rise again and re-unite with the souls once more. The only time we remove this body is at death, when the soul discards it and goes back to where it came from to give an account of its stewardship. Relations  then  pick  up  this  inner  cloth,  dress  it  up properly and put it in a coffin and bury and mourn over it. Meanwhile the real owner of this garment (the soul) now on transfer from this planet to another place watches what   is   being   done   with   his   body,   sometimes   in amusement or in sorrow.

So, when a person dies, his body (or garment) may be lying buried in the grave, or in the form of ashes if cremated, at the bottom of the sea if drowned, mixed with the soil if eaten by an animal and passed out as faeces, or on the surface of the earth if kept in shrines or anatomy laboratories of teaching hospitals; while the real person who never dies, lives on either in heaven (paradise), hell, Limbo,   or   in   Purgatory   from   where   he   can   only be saved after being purged by fire (1 Cor 3:15) and after he must have paid to the last penny {Matt 5:26}for those sins of his which are not heavy enough to lead to death (1

John 5: 16) and which can be forgiven if the living prayed for the sinner who had died (2 Maccabees 12:45-46).

The real person that we are, and the real us who own those names that we now answer as our full names is not the body that we see and touch, but rather our soul which  we do not see and

 cannot touch, because it is a spirit. It came from God who created it in His own image. It is as immortal as God is immortal. It manifests itself on the human  body  through the  six  senses  of  man.  In  other words, the six senses of man are in fact the six senses of the soul.

The senses belong to the soul living inside the body of man. They do not belong to the human body. In a sense they can best be described as off-shoots or tentacles of the soul which appear or are manifested on the human body. When the soul leaves the body, it leaves with these six senses which of course belong to it, while the body automatically loses all of them since they  have  never belonged to it anyway.

These six senses of man which are of common knowledge include:

1.    The sense of vision or sight – manifested on the human body as the eyes. The soul after death, therefore continues to see as clearly as we now see while still alive.

2.    The sense of Hearing:- represented on our bodies as the ears. After death, the real person therefore continues to hear.

3.    Touch: Manifested on the skin; and we are able to feel pain or comfort. This is still retained after death.

4.    Smell:- Shown on the body as the nose. All sweet odours  and  foul  smelling  ones  are  still  noticed after death.

5.   Taste:-  Manifested  as  taste  buds  on  the  tongue.

When Jesus said after the last Supper that the next

wine He would drink would be in heaven, He was making it clear to us that the souls in heaven, though not yet re-united with their bodies drink wine, just like the angels do. (see Mathew 26:29). Also Dives asking Lazarus for water (Lk. 16:24)

6.   The Mind:- This sense is represented by the brain.

With it we form mental pictures of situations and things. We are  able to reason, feel and express joy and sorrow; and are able to acquire knowledge. It is because of these attributes, that God punishes the souls in hell with fire (because they can feel pain), with air polluted with foul smelling Hydrogen sulphide gas  produced  as  sulphur  burns  in  hell  (Revelation19:20), with thirst and pain (Luke 16:24), and with darkness which they see all around them in hell

(2Peter 2:4).

After death, we are still able to reason, which was why the rich man, Dives, was able to reason that if someone from the dead could be allowed to go to his five brothers still alive, to warn them, they would change their lives and avoid coming to hell to meet the same fate with him, (Luke16:27-28).

In the same vein, the spirit of Lazarus heard the voice of Jesus and rose from death (Luke 16:27 – 31), just like the dead young girl heard “Talitha Kum” from Jesus and came back to life (Mark 5:41 ). Similarly, Dives suffered severe thirst while in hell and begged Abraham to allow Lazarus dip his finger in water and drop onto his tongue to cool his thirst (Luke 16:24), even though his dead body was still lying in his grave.

Jesus promised his disciples before he died that the next wine they would drink again together would be in the Kingdom of paradise where a lot of eating and drinking goes on during heavenly banquets (Matt. 26:29) (Matt. 8:11).

The dead therefore are like someone on transfer to afar country who does not intend to return home again. You know he is still alive, but you cannot see or hear him; but because of his spiritual powers he is able to see you and hear what you say. In that far country, he is able to experience comfort or pain, hunger, thirst, distress or peace of mind. This is why the saints in heaven are able to hear our prayers and intercede for us even though their bodies are still lying in their graves.

The common saying that ‘this word is not our home, but we are just passing through’ is indeed a statement of fact. We have been created by God and sent here to serve Him, to know Him,

To Love Him, to praise Him and to be rewarded at the end by living and enjoying with Him forever in heaven. Whatever we are doing, we must always keep in mind the main reason why God created us. It follows that whatever we are doing which is not aimed at realizing the aim of our existence here, is therefore a pure waste of precious time. Jesus   taught   us   in   the   Bible   (Mathew   25:40)   that whatsoever we do for our fellow human being, we are doing it for Him who is God. If we do good to anyone or show kindness to anyone, God is happy with us. If we do bad or treat anyone wickedly or unjustly, God frowns at us, for it is Him we are offending. We can therefore serve God

in whatsoever we are engaged in, by doing such with care and devotion. If we are working for the government or for any authority, we must do our work as if that assignment has been given to us by God Himself, and always keep in mind that only the best is good for God. If we are engaged in rendering service to the public, we must render such services as if we are serving God directly.

In order to assist us in knowing how to behave in order to please Him, God bothered to come down to earth, first on Mount Sinai in Israel where he handed over to Moses what is termed His Ten commandments which He wrote down Himself. Later on, He bothered again to come down in the person of Jesus Christ to teach us and show in practice how to obey these commandments.

It is therefore no small matter for anyone not to bother about all these. This is because there is a lot to gain if we bother, and a lot to lose if we do not.

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