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There are four major groups of rich people in the world:

  1. Those who have become rich due to honest hard work
  2. Those who have riches bestowed upon their lineage from God, even if they do not work so hard, as clearly stated in the Bible.  
  3. Those made rich by the spirit of Satan, the devil because they worship him.
  4. Those Who Made Their Wealth By Stealing And Other Forms Of Crime

 One thing is common to the four of them; and that is the fact the Almighty God must sanction and give final approval before any of them can manifest and be noticed.

God, in his wisdom created man and allowed us to have FREE WILL to choose between good and evil. Whichever one we choose, determines what happens to us in the end. This is why his judgments are all of them just. (Revelation 19:2). He gives out his graces to us to enable us do good things but He leaves our will FREE to decide whether to use such graces to do good or to reject His graces and choose the path of evil.

He does not interfere with this decision of ours. He however rewards us with good things and eternal life in his kingdom if we persevere in doing good and punishes us in hell with fire, with undying worms eating us up and hydrogen sulphide gas that smells like rotten egg as the air to breathe, along with other forms of torture if we indulge in evil as the path we have chosen.

God is the creator of all things and has absolute control of all. Although Satan always plans evil and lures us into embracing it, yet God has the final say. He has the power to stop any evil planned by Satan from taking effect; and He can also permit, for a number of reasons, that Satan’s evil plans take effect and succeed; as in the case of the woes and tortures of Job in the bible. Job 7:3

Among the several reasons for which God sometimes allows or permits the evil plan of Satan to take effect is to attract his blessings with good things as explained in the bible (Deuteronomy 8:16-18). Another reason is to help us to pay for our sins in this world rather than wait to pay for them in the next world. This is because all of us have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23); and no sin goes unpunished (Job 10:14). The Bible warns that the wages of sin is death.(Romans 6:23)

God knows that it is by far softer and lighter to suffer whatever it is in this life to pay for our sins than to wait for His justice to mete out a more severe punishment for such sins after life here on earth. I will here explain the first of the four reasons:


After creating Adam and Eve, God put them in the Garden of Eden, which was planned to be an extension of Paradise. They had all they needed to be happy. They had no need to till the ground to cultivate crops to be used for food to eat because God had commanded all kinds of crops and fruit trees to spring up and yield their products for mankind to enjoy.

However, following the sin of Adam and Eve, all that favour ended. God directed that man must from then on, only be able to find what to eat and enjoy through the sweat of his brow (Genesis 3:19). This is the origin of suffering.

Mankind began to suffer to find food to eat. Work must now be done before comfort, happiness and good life must come.

From this time onwards, God began to bless and give success to work of our hands . However, the primary aim of God in creating us in his image is to have us know Him, Love Him, Worship Him, and end up living with Him in His kingdom of Paradise. Consequently, He has created enough mansions for all of us in His kingdom (John 14:2-3). He would not like to see anyone get lost, as He has prepared a place for everyone.

As God sees us working hard to have enough money to enjoy the good things of life and be happy, He feels happy and helps us to succeed, sometimes, even without our begging for His help in prayer.

Because He desires the salvation of all above all things, God desires that we continue to work for our salvation in fear and trembling as we continue the work we are engaged in.(Philippians 2:12-16).          Although the Bible states that the love of money is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10), yet God allows us and helps us make this money as we do our work, with the hope that we direct our FREE will to the path of avoiding the evil that comes along with riches. With some people, this is very difficult, and this is why the Bible states that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 19:24).

Sometimes, God decides not to richly bless with success, the work of a person’s hands if He sees that such a person has a tendency to fall into evil; if too much wealth is allowed him, which can lead to the loss of the soul of such a person in hell. Having seen how weak in will-power such a person is, God prefers not to allow him get too rich so that He will not be led astray by the pleasures and comforts of being wealthy. Such a person may work hard to the best of his ability and still may not move towards the path of wealth. Sometimes God keeps him at moderate level, or even makes him poor in spite of his hard work. God’s target here is to save the person’s soul from eternal damnation.

With some other people who are also working hard, He allows them to get richer and richer as they work, either because He has seen the strength of the person’s will and knows that wealth will not derail such a person from the path of eternal salvation. A person may feel that he has a strong will power and that wealth can never make him derail, but God knows us more than we know ourselves. He knows all the poor people who now worship Him and try to obey His commandments but who will change and begin to live sinful lives the moment riches come their way. Those persons might be thinking that they are strong in faith and can never be misled by wealth, but let wealth come their way, and even they themselves would be surprised at what they have become. Our omniscient God sees the future and knows it all.

The other category are those whom He allows to get rich through their hard work even though He knows that such persons have poor will power or may not even be bothering or making any efforts to save their souls. His answer for such persons in this group is that “they are having their consolidation already” ( Luke 6:24). This simply means that seeing that such persons are tending towards eternal damnation because of what they are doing with their free-will, God decides to allow them have riches and enjoy this life, rather than have them suffer in this life and suffer again eternally in the next life. He prefers to console them with the riches of this life here so that when they start suffering in hell fire, the consolation would be that they had enjoyed while on earth when many people were suffering.

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