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In Exodus 20:5-6 of the holy Bible, God said: “I bring punishment on those who hate me and on their descendants down to the third and fourth generation. But I show my love to thousands of generations of those who love me and obey my laws.”

This is a very important statement made by God the Father Himself; the Almighty one from whom all good things come (James 1:17)

Our Lord Jesus Christ, who in the Bible John 10:30 said “The Father and I are one” has clearly stated: “If you love me, keep my commandments” (John 14:15)    

It follows that those who do not love God, but hate Him are those who do not keep His commandment. And the consequence of this is that God says He will punish even the descendants of such persons up to the third and fourth generation. Because He is God of compassion and love, He does not like to go beyond the fourth generation in unleashing His punishment. But He is full of love and good things when He wants to bless those who show Him love and obey His commandments, and it is for thousands of generations, which simply means FOREVER.

There are many people who are rich today simply because they are lucky to have come from the lineage of persons who pleased God so much that their descendants for thousands of generations to come must continue to enjoy God’s favours which often comes in the form of riches. It must be noted that wealth is not the only avenue that God chooses to release His blessings. He can also bless with other good things other than riches, if He so chooses.

There is no other requirement to merit such favours except to be  descendants of such great fathers who are in God’s good book. Here, whether such persons work hard or not, whether they sin or not, whether they love God or not, such persons must enjoy God’s blessing because He is an unchangeable God (1 Timothy 1:12-17). Anything He says must happen as He has said it. This is how and why these lucky ones are rich and enjoy the pleasure of life made possible through riches.

Some who are ignorant of this fact sometimes look at such people and wonder why God should bless them when they do not even care about keeping His commandments. Even if such blessed ones are seen to be cruel, greedy and practice one form of immorality or the other, these do not and cannot stop the favour God has already pronounced over all who belong to the lineage of that great grandfather whose good deed attracted such blessings from God for thousands of his generations to continue to enjoy.

These ones who are enjoying such inherited wealth are the ones the bible says in Psalm 127: 2 that even while they are asleep, God plans and prepares ways for riches to come to them even if they are not working as hard as others  do to acquire wealth. Such persons can stay in their homes and offices and contract offers come to them without their struggling like others do. When they apply for jobs, God puts in the minds of the decisions makers to prefer them above others who are also seeking for such jobs.

On judgment day, however, they are judged like every other person in accordance with how they lived their lives. The favour of wealth God has granted them will not stop them from being condemned to hell if they lived in sin.


Satan hates everybody created by God, including those who worship him. He desires to see everyone join him in hell. His pre-occupation is to offend God whom he hates. He tries to hurt God where he feels it hurts Him most. Because God has left him with the powers he had when he was in heaven, he now tries to use such powers to attract obedience and worship from people, by promising them some of the good things of life they so much desire. He gives such good things, including riches to those who choose to go to him through his human agents. Because he is a liar, a deceiver and wicked, he turns round at the end to punish and disappoint those who come to him for such favours which are known never to last.

If he gives a barren woman a child, he ends up killing that child at a prime age when it hurts so much to lose a loved one. All to whom he gives riches, do not live long to continue to enjoy such riches. They usually die before old age, abandoning such riches, and ending up in the fires and tortures of hell.

The devils always demand the spilling of blood and disobedience to God’s commandments from those who come to them for one favour or another. They demand sacrifices of animals and even human beings depending of the quality and value of the favour being sought for.


Those in this group are really very unfortunate. It has been explained earlier that nobody really dies after all. Life goes on without end either in Heaven, in Hell or in Purgatory.

Those who are eye-witnesses of people who came from Purgatory to visit this planet, as well as those who are privileged to read any of the authoritative books written on purgatory must have discovered that staying in the third region of purgatory is like staying in hell, and those who have made their wealth through stealing, find themselves either in hell or in this third region of purgatory when their lives end here on earth. This is because to obtain full forgiveness of their crime even after repentance and confession, there must be restitution or replacement of what has been stolen, and this is often impossible. When such a person dies without repenting of his crime and begging God for forgiveness, he ends up suffering forever and ever in the fires of hell, regretting what he has brought upon himself due to greed.

If on the other hand, he is able to realize the gravity of his crime and what awaits him in the other life, and runs to a priest of God to confess his sin, he ends up being told that he must return what he has stolen, and from the example of Zacchaeus in Luke 19:8 in the bible, return it with some interest. Those who happen to be willing and capable to make this restitution are always advised to return the money through secret and unpublicized charity to the poor and the needy, or secretly to the church of God if they are not able to go to or locate the persons from whom, ( or institution from where) the money was stolen. This is because God is a merciful Father, and there is no sin He does not and cannot forgive, except sin against the Holy Spirit, which is the sin in which someone, knowing the truth about God, purposely decides to oppose this truth. This amounts to fighting God and trying to hide the truth about Him in order to make people reject Him and not give Him glory. A good example is the case in the Bible Luke 11:15; where some of the Jewish people, who knew that Jesus is the messiah who has come from God, still went ahead to tell the people that He was performing all His miracles with the power of Beelzebub, the prince of the devils, even though they knew inside them that Jesus was using the power of God to perform His miracles.

Because of His infinite mercy, therefore, God forgives the sins of these wealthy thieves, but because they are not able to return all they have stolen, He sends them to purgatory to purge them of the effect of their sins before admitting them into heaven since the bible has clearly stated that nothing unclean will ever enter the kingdom of heaven (Revelation 21:27).

Those in this group are regarded as very unfortunate because in the first place, the crime they have committed is such that they cannot easily pay back or replace what they have taken away in order to obtain complete forgiveness after repentance. And if they are unable to do this, they end up in hell where punishment lasts forever, or in the worst part of purgatory where punishment lasts for several years or even  centuries before obtaining pardon and freedom to enter heaven.   

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