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DID YOU KNOW THAT the skeleton of Mr. Peter Miles, in the full view of many journalists and a huge crowd of people, attracted fresh human flesh to itself when his grave was opened three years after his death, and rose from this grave and walked straight to the court of law to testify in a land case in which the Governor of the State had bribed the three children of Mr. Miles to deny that their father ever sold his piece of land to a Bishop who was denied access to the very land he had bought from Mr. Miles in the presence of these three children to whom he directly handed over the paid money to count.

DID YOU KNOW THAT among the things the man adjudged to be the MOST WONDERFUL AND MYSTERIOUS MAN ON EARTH is capable of doing is that the moment he desires to see or meet with someone who might be several kilometers away from him,( or might even be in a far away city), that very moment, the person immediately shows up and presents himself or herself to him, live, within seconds of such a desire.

Full details of these and more are contained in three of the four Unique Books shown among the eight books displayed in this website as you can easily discover by going through the short Descriptions attached to each of these books, and clicking the Amazon or Smashwords link to purchase at low prices.


About Dennis Chikata

Dennis Mary Chikata is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and a Poultry Husbandry Expert who takes pleasure in writing books on a variety of topics.

His Alma Mater, The University of Nigeria, Nsukka, graduates students and awards degrees to those considered worthy in CHARACTER AND LEARNING. Prizes are awarded to the overall BEST Graduating Student in Learning or Academics AND overall BEST Graduating student in Character called the NUPEMCO AWARD. The Nupemco Award for 1977 went to this Author- Dennis Chikata – who was adjudged to be the Overall Best Student in Character (the Gentleman of the Year).


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Here You will find Some of the Best Books Written By Dennis Merry Chikata A Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and a Poultry Husbandry Expert

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