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1        Laziness: is a major cause of poverty. The Bible states in 2 Thessalonians’ 3:10, that he who would not work should not eat. This explains how God detests laziness. In the Bible John 5:17, Jesus says “My Father is always working, and so am I”. Those   who feel lazy to do some work are simply inviting poverty into their lives.

2.       Fear is another cause of poverty. One who is afraid to go into any business venture stands a chance of remaining poor. One should build one’s confidence in the fact that what one is afraid of, others have ventured into it and have been successful. So there is no need for a person to be afraid of failing. Even if it entails some discomfort or suffering, one should always bear in mind the popular saying of “No pain, no gain”.

3.       Pride  goes before a fall is a popular saying. The Bible is awash with warnings that he who proudly elevates himself will be brought down. (I Peter 5:5-6).

If a poor person feels too proud to humble himself to do what he sees others doing and making money, then poverty awaits him. If a job is looked down upon, a humble person can pick it up first, make some money, and invest the money in other more acceptable and more attractive jobs and become rich.

4.       Low Esteem of Oneself: When a person sees himself as incapable of doing what he sees or knows that other people have done, then such a person is inviting poverty. It is always good to imbibe the “ YES I CAN” Spirit. He should never feel inferior to others, but rather believe that once some others have done it, he too can. It is wrong to have a low esteem of oneself. It is always better to have faith in what one is doing  and believe in success.


To avoid poverty, the first thing is to recognize that all good things, including riches come from God, and that no lasting good comes from the devil. If a person should decide to go the way of the devil and obtain riches from him, he must be prepared to pay the price, which often comes in form of not living a long life and ending up being disappointed, for the devil has no lasting friend.

A person who wants to avoid poverty and be rich must be prepared to work hard at whatever he is doing. He should struggle to be a friend of God and in good terms with Him by doing what pleases Him always while avoiding what displeases Him. He must not look at some rich fellow and say: “This man is very rich in spite of the fact that He does not care about God and His commandments”. This is because he does not know whether that man’s wealth is from the devil who will destroy him at the end, or whether his wealth is because he is lucky to be born in the lineage of someone who many years ago did something that pleased God that made Him count him among those whose descendents for thousands of generations will continue to be blessed.

He should rather bring God into his work or business by praying to Him for His guidance and help. He should carry out his business with truth and not try to cheat or tell lies to make money. Even if he sees himself making money and succeeding in spite of being dishonest and sinful, he should realize that his level of success is but a fraction of what would have come to him if he had chosen the path of honesty and hard work in carrying out his business.

If on the other hand he discovers that he is not as rich as he would like to be or that he still remains poor in spite of his efforts to bring God into his business, he should do what St. Paul says in the bible. St. Paul says that whether good or bad; no matter what we suffer, we should continue to praise and thank God. (Thessalonians 5:18) .   He said this because he knows that the Lord is good all the time. If God decides to reject our prayers for wealth, and leaves us poor, it is likely to be because he has looked into us and in His Omniscience He has seen that wealth will push us out of the way of salvation and see us ending up in hell and He would not like such fate to befall us. This is how good He is, and we should always thank and praise him. All around us it is common to see people, who once they are turned from poverty to riches, became entirely different human beings. They indulge in such deviant and immoral behaviour they were not used to prior to becoming rich. Such people easily fit into the saying that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven.(Matthew 19:24).    


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