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The Post of Director of Socials in a University is a very attractive office that is often very keenly contested. There came a time when a very famous University invited contestants to apply for this post. One of those who contested was this very smart guy who applied this wonderful strategy that very handsomely paid of, and which is described here:

The strategy he adopted to win the election is as follows:

He began by adopting the name CHICKEN DENNIS for his campaign. He had a beautiful photograph of himself spread all over the notice boards to let people see that he was a very handsome young man.

When campaigns opened, all the other contestants rushed out with their manifestos. He refused to bring out his own because he reasoned that everyone would rush out with individual manifestos, many of which would end up not being read, because there would be too many documents to read at a time. It paid off.

It did pay off and gave him a big advantage over other contestants. How did this happen? Within a few days all the manifestoes had been released and there was no more manifestos to be shared. At this point, the university community and the general public were longing for more manifestos to read but none was forth-coming.

It was at this stage that Chicken Dennis brought out his own manifesto. Waooh! Scramble!!

There was a big scramble to read his manifesto. It was like travelers who had been thirsty for a long time now coming across a small pond of clean water.

Those who were not able to obtain a copy of his late arriving manifesto begged for a copy from those who were luck to obtain. It came to a point where those who had copies started selling their copies to the huge number who was not lucky to get a copy.

The result was that everything written in that manifesto was thoroughly read and digested against the contents of the manifestos that were rushed out when the campaigns were flagged off. Because people had manifestos of the other four contestants thrust upon them to read in one day, many ended up reading only one or two manifestos and got tired of reading them. The result was that some of the nice things said in those manifestos were not read or captured, to the loss of those who took pains to write them.  

This rare wisdom of Chicken Dennis keeping back his manifesto to be released at the eleventh hour greatly paid off, because he ended up winning the election with a land-slide, and then became the University’s Director of Socials who had to organize this 1st International Bugalulu Carnival, the first of its kind in Africa.

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