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He had travelled to a town in a neighbouring state for some business. He often travelled to this town for business. This time, his wife requested him to stop over at oneof the markets along his route and pick up for her one common food item that was
needed in the family. She considered that it would be cheaper to buy it in one of the village markets along the road than buying it from the city market. He promised he was going to do so.

Having finished with his business, he was racing home in an effort to arrive before night-fall, as he hated the idea of driving at night. With this at the back of his mind, he completely forgot his promise to buy his wife what she had requested for.

 He had passed a number of markets on his route home, and was not sure there was any more market to meet before reaching home. He felt very bad at this failure, which was likely to make his wife feel sad and disappointed, because of the way he had assured her he was going to pick up that food item.

As he was still racing home and pondering over how disappointed his wife would be, he suddenly saw ahead of him, a young lady carrying this particular food item displayed on a big tray for sale. She was coming in his opposite direction.

He started applying his brake immediately and stopped. He waited until she walked up to where he had stopped his car, and was trying to walk pass him, when he then called her attention, and she stopped.

“Are those items on your tray for sale?” he asked. She nodded her head affirming that they were. He asked for the price, and bought the much he needed; opened the car boot and dropped them in and moved on. As he drove off, he watched the lady through the rear mirror, as she continued her journey down the road with the remaining items on her tray.

What surprised him was that there were no houses and no market around the place he met this lady. “Where did she come from, and where was she going to” was the question his mind kept turning over as he raced home after this strange encounter. The last market he passed must be over twenty kilometres away. She could not possibly be heading for that one. He simply concluded that there might be some other market inside the village which she might soon turn to. Perhaps too, the house she emerged from must be somewhere inside, and not along the road, since he never saw any house along the road for several kilometres  as he drove along after that encounter. He was at last happy that he was able to buy for his wife what she had requested, even though the sudden emergence of that lady at that moment remains a mystery .


One of his sons had just won University Scholarship from two oil prospecting companies in Nigeria, and he was expected to choose one of them and drop the other. He took a trip to his University to see him in connection with this development.

Upon his arrival, he decided to call him on phone to inform him of his arrival and find out from him how he could meet him. Unfortunately, his phone could not connect. He tried and tried again but there was no success. He became very worried.’’ How could I travel such a long distance to meet this type of disaster.? ‘’ he mused.

He had spoken with his son the previous day to inform him about this trip. It was expected that upon his arrival he would simply call him on phone to tell him where he was, so that he could come up to see him. Although, his son knew that he was coming, but he had no idea what time he was expected to arrive.

The sunshine was very hot and his predicament appeared to have added to the heat all over him. He sought for some shade nearby and went over to cool off a bit. The place he was standing was far away from the Engineering building where his son was likely to be taking his lectures at the time. He did not bother to go to his lecture hall to look for him, because he could have a free period at that time and might possible be relaxing in his hostel room or might have gone to the library to read. So, he had decided that the best thing was to park his car anywhere he found convenient and simply call his phone. Now all that had failed, and he was confused.

Having found himself a shade where he could avoid the direct heat of the sun, he decided to try to call his phone again. He tried several times but it was not going through.

He looked at his watch, and it was 12 noon: time for the noon prayer:’’ The Angelus”

He bowed down his head and began to pray the Angelus. At the end of this prayer, and with his head still bowed, he talked to himself in silence. It was not a prayer.

He  simply soliloquized as follows:-

‘’Very often when I needed to see somebody, God always came to my rescue by bringing to me that person. Now that I need to see my son in this place with thousands of students going about this large University campus, will He do the same thing and bring my son to me here where I am standing under this shade? ‘’

As soon as he finished this musing, he raised his head and saw his son in front of him with three of his friends.

In his surprise, he asked him” How did you know I was here?” He answered that he and his friends were simply walking along and decided to go through that road and he was surprised to see him there. He told him how he was trying to call him without success. The boy apologized that the battery of his phone was down, as he had not been able to re- charge it due to power outage. He  thanked  God for coming to his rescue again.

The difference between this and other similar experiences  he had in the past is that this is the only time he expected help to come and it came. In all the other experiences, he  never looked forward to such rescue nor ever thought it was possible. They just came unexpected; to his great surprise and delight.


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