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Maringa was ten years old when he went to St. John’s school play field to play football with his friends. They usually did this when school hours were over. With eyes, set on growing up to become the future Messi, Ronaldos, Jay Jay Okocha and other popular world footballers, they played their hearts out.

On this particular day, there stood among the few people watching the children as they played, this Sodomist of about 30years old. At the end of play the strange Sodomist with a broad smile on his face, approached young Maringa with a mouth full of praises for the way he performed on the field of play. He told him that he would be a great footballer when he grew up, judging from how he was playing at that young age. Maringa’s face beamed with smiles as the young man continued pouring his praises. The little boy concluded that he had found a good friend who appreciated him.

Holding Maringa’s hand the Sodomist lured the unsuspecting boy into one of the empty classrooms, as he promised him that he had a special gift for him. The little boy was afraid and wondered what the special gift might be, which he had kept in the empty classroom as they moved in. He shut the door behind them and told him not to be afraid. He dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a short bar of chocolate and said to Maringa “this is not the special gift I told you about, but this is just a small introductory gift with which I want to introduce myself to you”. “My name is Solo”, he continued; “I am known by many popular footballers and sports boys and girls, because I give them something which makes them shine in both football and athletics, and they win prizes during competitions. I am going to give you something which will make you a star in football and also in athletics, and everybody will be talking about you”. Maringa was becoming very interested and eagerly looked forward to that special gift. The Sodomist, on his part, noticed that he had captured the little boy’s interest.

He now prepared to strike. He softly asked the little boy to remove his short boxers. He gazed up at his face, as the Sodomist stood in front of him. He wondered why he should ask him to remove his boxers and doubted if he even heard him properly.

In utter amazement, the little boy asked, “what did you say?” With a smile on his face he responded. “Just remove your boxers, I am not going to hurt you”. As he said this, he bent low and tried to help him removed the boxers.

With a surprise on his face, the little boy said to him, “uncle, I am not a girl, see I am a boy”, as he tried to show him his small dick.

“I know”, he responded. He helped him take off the boxers and placed it on top of a nearby writing desk. The boy fixed his eyes on him and was wondering what he was going to do next.

The Sodomist quickly removed his pair of trousers, exposing his standing dick, much bigger in size. He quietly told the boy to lie down on his belly and put his face down. As the boy tried to fearfully obey, he continued to turn his head to look at him, as he wondered what he was going to do at his back or bottom.

Next, the Sodomist robbed some creamy substance over his erect dick and knelt down as he tried to insert it into the boy’s anus.

At this, the boy screamed. He hushed him and told him not to shout or make any noise and assured him that he would soon finish and release him. The boy managed to lower his voice as he continued to scream at the pain coming from what the criminal was doing to him. Next he poured out sperm all over the boys anus and pulled out his dick.

Maringa continued sobbing with tears all over his eyes. He tried to hold him over his shoulders as he consoled him and tried to wipe his tears with an handkerchief. The Sodomy over, he dressed up, walked over and picked up the boy’s boxers and help him wear it back, and held his hand as he led him out of the classroom.

As they came out, he dipped his hand into his pocket, brought out a piece of coin and told the boy to buy some biscuits with it on his way home and warned him not to tell anyone what he did to him. Following this horrible experience, Maringa never stepped his feet on that field of play, but rather rushed back home everyday as the school dismissed for the day. From this experience, he was able to handle effectively the Sodomy Vampires he encountered when he grew up and entered higher school.

Two years later, Maringa encountered in his Bible reading the horrible story of Sodom and Gomorrah. He gave a deep though to it. He was frightened by the discovery that the very sin he was led to commit when he was ten years old must be the worst and most terrible sin on earth. This is because of all the sins being committed all over the world by mankind, this is the only sin that annoyed God so much that for the first time in world history He had  to send down fire from heaven to burn and destroy two cities involved in this crime of people of same sex sleeping with each other. God’s anger was so heavy upon the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah that He did not spare little children, the aged, nor even animals in these cities. What terrible punishment truly await all those involved in this sin at this present age! Since the Bible states that God is unchallengeable and that no sin goes unpunished, no matter how small.


Maringa was 14 years old when he got enrolled as a student of Zege College where Sodomy was widely practiced. The most senior students pouced on innocent first year students most of whom were as ignorant as Maringa during his first encounter with the Sodomist in his tenth year of life. They could never imagine that a boy could approach a fellow boy with the intention of having sex with him, and so many fell prey out of fear and curiosity.

As these older students came, they thought they were trying to exhibit genuine feelings of love, since they were new to the school and needed to be shown and guided in certain rules and regulations of the school. Thus, the young lads welcomed their approaches with open arms and cooperated with them until they arrived at the stage of being asked to pull down their wears. At this stage, many who tried to resist as they wondered what their fellow boy could want to do with their nakedness, were threatened with being given various forms of punishment which was described as “counts”.

Maringa had his own share of such encounters, but easily waved off such approaches, having learnt in a bitter way at 10 years of age, what it was all about, for apart from God’s terrible punishment, the victim derives no pleasure from such an act. On the contrary, it was painful and ugly.

The number of older students involved in this horrible practice was so much that many fresh students tried to hide themselves each night and this affected their studies. As soon as darkness approached, these students disappeared from the walkways to evade these Sodomy Vampires.

One handsome boy from a rich family tried so hard to get Maringa but continued to fail. He spent a lot of money buying several gifts for him all to no avail. Maringa was too clever. He collected his gifts and yet refused to succumb until the rich boy got tired and left him alone.


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