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This true story says it all:

Bruno is a young man who likes women a lot. He is tall , handsome, fair in completion, but poor and lazy. He came from a very poor family. His parents were petty traders  operating in a local village market. He had gained admission to study Political Science in the University and was in his final year, looking forward to graduate at the end of that academic year. The long years of civil war in his country had stopped all forms of education, as schools and Universities remained shut down all through that period of war.

By the time the war came to an end and academic life became revived, Bruno, just like every other student had lost several years and had grown much older than the year at which young persons who had completed their secondary school education were expected to seek for admission into Universities. And so, Bruno found himself entering the University at the age of 28. He was therefore 32 years old in his final year, and was old enough to look for a lady to make his wife, and many young ladies also had this opinion of him. He capitalised on this and wore an impression of a man looking for a wife to marry. He did not hesitate to exhibit the impression of a suitor  in search of a good lady to marry before all ladies he made advances towards.

Bruno knew very well that most women would wish to get married to a wealthy young man, or a young man from a wealthy family.

One of the things Bruno was very fond of each time he found himself out of the University campus for one thing or the other was this: Either walking down the street alone or in company of friends, he notices a beautiful girl approach in the opposite direction. He approaches her with a face full of smiles and says, “Glad to meet you again, we flew together from London to New York , remember?” As the girl explains with a smile that it was not her, that he must have mistaken her for someone else, she was already saying in her mind, “This must be a rich guy from a rich family to be flying from Nigeria to London to New York , USA. ‘’ She is no longer in a hurry to move on, as she now relaxes desiring  a longer conversation with this tall handsome guy, and wishing in her mind that a relationship would commence immediately, and Bruno get a smooth sail all over her as she continues to believe all other lies and false promises from him that would follow.

Bruno is a very jovial person. He has a lot of friends, and some of them are workers who live in their own apartments. While out of the University on some holidays, he would visit a friend and request to use his sitting room to welcome a female guest. His friend agrees, and next the lady arrives knocking at the door. Bruno opens the door and welcomes his new found lover as if the flat belongs to him.

Earlier on he had approached a shop owner nearby and pleaded with him to give negative answers to whatever he would ask him to bring for him to entertain his visitor, having previously given him a little tip for such a game of deceit. Next Bruno sends out the house help of the owner of the flat asking him to call in the shop attendant to him.

In walks the shop attendant and Bruno begins, “I need a bottle of Champagne and  with fried chicken’’ Sorry sir, it has finished, came the pre-agreed reply.  “ What other very good wine do you have. None sir, we just ran out of wines because of people just came to clear all we have for their neighbourhood meeting, ‘’ came the reply . With anger,he ordered, “ I hope you have ordinary malt drink. Hurry and get me a bottle for my august visitor here.’’ As he apologises to the lady over the absence of what he had intended to serve her. All this is to give the impression that he is rich.