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DID YOU KNOW THAT the skeleton of Mr. Peter Miles, in the full view of many journalists and a huge crowd of people, attracted fresh human flesh to itself when his grave was opened three years after his death, and rose from this grave and walked straight to the court of law to testify in a land case in which the Governor of the State had bribed the three children of Mr. Miles to deny that their father ever sold his piece of land to a Bishop who was denied access to the very land he had bought from Mr. Miles in the presence of these very three children to whom he directly handed over the paid money to count.

       DID YOU KNOW THAT among the things the man adjudged to be the MOST WONDERFUL AND MYSTERIOUS MAN ON EARTH is capable of doing is that the moment he desires to see or meet with someone, who might be  several kilometers away from him,( or might even be in a far away city), that very moment, the person  immediately shows up and presents himself or herself to him, live, within seconds of such a desire. Wonder how that is possible?

Full details of these and more are contained in three of the four Unique Books shown among the nine books displayed in this website as you can easily discover by going through the short Descriptions attached to each of these books to see more, and clicking the Amazon or Smashwords link to purchase at low prices.



Marveled and amazed by this, a German newspaper -Neues Europa, in its Monday 15th. October 1963 edition commented as follows:  “This was in fact the first time in recent history of mankind that when concluding a political agreement of world importance, essential factors arising from religious matters were taken into account”.

For the full story and other jaw-dropping stories, just pick up any one of these  books whose Book Descriptions are captured in this website and entertain yourself with several amazing stories which includes how the SUN left its position in the sky on 13th October 1917 and started coming down, dancing in a zig-zag manner and growing much bigger than a football field; plus how Mr. Peter Miles rose from his grave three years after his death and arrived the court to testify in a land case between a Bishop and the State Governor because his three children who were also present in court had been bribed by the Governor to hide the truth from the judge.

These  books are : 1) VISITORS FROM PURGATORY



One of the purposes of this website is to present, through each of our  unique books, a deeper understanding of God and His ways (which the Bible says is different from our ways- Isaiah 55:8-9), and from here discover the secret of how to be rich, happy, contented and enjoy life to the full, while eliminating or drastically reducing sadness, pain, and discomfort. Jesus Christ Himself also confirmed this when He said :” I have come that you may have life, and have it in its fullness”- John 10:10.

God is the originator and source of all good things that come to people; which includes prosperity, peace of mind, happiness, contentment and more. It is what He permits that happens. This website explains  how to appropriate all these successfully and turn our life in this world into a paradise that dwells  in the interior  of ourselves, in spite of what the world around us is experiencing. You will also discover things you never knew happened nor existed and which discovery will surely gladden your heart.

We have a number of books to sell, and some of them contain one or more aspects of some valuable facts that many are not aware of but which can be verified to corroborate their authenticity. These books are called ”the Unique books” because of these rare contents, some of which are jaw-dropping and very joyful to discover, and are not easily found in any other book written by any other author.

EXAMPLES: Did you know that the Blessed Virgin Mary has made over two thousand apparitions all over the world, and that in only two of these apparitions, She arrived holding a book in Her hand. The first time was in the year 1208 at Toulouse, France; while the second was  on 25th. March, 2017 at Idu Karmo, Nigeria. Did you know that the Book She came with at Idu Karmo is the book titled- VISITORS FROM PURGATORY- and it is one on the  Unique Books featured in this website.

Did you also know that a new Scientific discovery known as THE OWL-LOOK is now used to treat Vent Cannibalism in Poultry Husbandry; as against the old method of de-beaking (cutting off the beaks) which has been causing untold economic losses to Poultry farmers. Details of this is contained in one of the  Unique Books titled-THE SECRET OF SUCCESS IN TROPICAL POULTRY HUSBANDRY, also featured in this website.

And did you know or ever heard of:  HEAVEN AND THE FOUR UNLESS of Jesus Christ?

Here too, you will see Bible revelation of what God highly values and which has power to make Him cancel any vow made to do something for Him, even if it is to convert millions of pagans; plus implications of God saying that He is A JEALOUS GOD AND TOLERATES NO RIVALS. (Exodus 20:5; Nahum 1:2)

It has been learnt from the Bible that God’s ways are not our ways, but this is not in all things. There are certain ways of man that are also God’s ways. This is found in an aspect of the relationship between parents and their children.

Just as parents have deep love for their little children and love to provide their needs and delight in seeing them happy, and even go the extra mile to achieve this; so does God, after creating us in the wombs of our mothers, see us as His little children and love to see us happy and enjoy life to the full, as Jesus confirmed when He came to the world from Heaven, and called us His” little ones” in Mark 9:42, Matt 10:42 . And so, the person behind all unpleasant things that come to us in this world and who likes to see us unhappy and not enjoying this life , is not God but the devil. This he does through persons and things he chooses to use to operate. As you read our books, you will discover how to overcome him completely and put him under your feet, so that he can no longer have power to block your ways to prosperity, happiness and contentment, except in very rare cases where God in His Wisdom and love, has permitted such to happen; with His attendant rewards and blessings in the long run for those He chooses to subject to such pain or displeasure. The why, how, and when for such are contained and explained as you read our Unique Books that dwell on spiritual matters. Four  of our Unique Books dwell on Spirituality.

We all know that when a parent beats or punishes a child, it is borne out of his or her love for that child, that it might learn to avoid something not considered good, or learn to do something that will lead to or enhance its well being and happiness. So it is with God our Father, who even had to, not just allow His Son to be flogged, but to be brutally tortured and killed in order to bring about great good to both Jesus and the world. And this is a Son He loves so much that He made Him equal to Himself in all things, whence, the name TRINITY of God.

Although God in His wisdom and love can deal, to some extent, with some of us as He dealt with Jesus Christ, it is important to note that it is only a very small fraction of His people that He allows to sometimes suffer and go through or experience such rough and painful pathways in life. A vast majority of people who have this deeper understanding of God and His ways (as mentioned at the beginning), enjoy this life to the full and have many good things come their way in life, including happiness, prosperity and peace of mind. Our Unique Books explain how we can discover this secret and count ourselves among this vast majority of God’s children who are happy and joyful in this world, and who end up continuing with more happiness, peace and comfort in their next life in God’s paradise. God does not enjoy seeing us suffer and unhappy. He is our Father and He loves us very deeply.

One of the very interesting and important titles found in the Table of Contents of one of these books ( Visitors from Purgatory) is one titled NOBODY REALLY DIES AFTER ALL….. All we do is transfer from one place to the other because we all live forever; retaining all the six senses of man where ever we find ourselves. These six senses which essentially are the six senses of the Soul, include- the sense of vision, hearing, tasting, smelling, feeling and reasoning. So, our loved ones who have died are indeed still seeing us, hearing what we say, feeling pain or in comfort, and able to experience the taste and smell of food or the horrible Hydrogen Sulfide odor of hell, if they have found themselves there. All these are fully explained and supported with indisputable and verifiable facts, with leads to assist anyone who might wish to investigate.

And this is why you are invited to this website; to discover, learn and derive pleasure, knowledge and benefit.

Find below in this website all our Unique books and more. To Buy, visit or or write- Dennis Chikata Books- in the search button and get more details about the various books.

About Dennis Chikata

Dennis Mary Chikata is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and a Poultry Husbandry Expert who takes pleasure in writing books on a variety of topics.

His Alma Mater, The University of Nigeria, Nsukka, graduates students and awards degrees to those considered worthy in CHARACTER AND LEARNING. Prizes are awarded to the overall BEST Graduating Student in Learning ( Academics)  AND overall BEST Graduating student in Character (Good Behavior), called the NUPEMCO AWARD. The Nupemco Award for 1977 went to this Author- Dennis Chikata- who was adjudged to be the Overall Best Student in Character (the Gentleman of the Year)… 

Personal Life

He is a Catholic, a Veterinary Surgeon, and a Poultry Husbandry Consultant.


He’s a graduate of The University of Nigeria, Nsukka; and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, with special training and interest in Poultry Husbandry.


  • Visitors from Purgatory
  • Conquest of the Tunnel of no Return 
  • Disobedience and the Secret of Long Life and Happiness 
  • How and Why People are Rich and How to avoid Poverty
  • Secret Facts about Virgin Mary, The Rosary, Eternal Life and the Mysterious Power and Supremacy of 9. 
  • The Story of the Most Wonderful and Mysterious Man on Earth.
  • The Secret of Success in Poultry Husbandry
  • African Moonlight and Awesome Live Stories
  • Origin of First Rosary
  • Why we invite you to this website
  • ”Be Still and know that I am God: Am a jealous God and tolerate No rivals”
  • When God speaks let us beware

On his book on Purgatory, the Archbishop of Onitsha, Dr. Stephen Ezeanya,who scrutinized it for approval had this to say: ” Thank you for your manuscript on Visitors from Purgatory. You have done a tremendous amount of work on the book. In our dechristianised world of today, there is a crying need for many evangelical witnesses of life to help reclaim the lost sheep and prevent many more from being lost. The book will do a tremendous amount of good work.” 

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Conquest of the Tunnel of no Return

A detective story of a very big tunnel discovered by a man who suddenly caved into it while digging a well in his village home for the provision of potable water for his family. Rumors about what inhabited that tunnel spread like wildfire throughout the village and later spilled over to neighboring villages resulting in a massive exodus…

The Story of the Most Wonderful and Mysterious Man on Earth.

Mysterious persons all over the world are usually known for one or two wonderful things they are often associated with. On the contrary this book describes in detail, not one or two, but several different wonders all attributed to this one and the same person .

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